CFO Services


Do you need a CFO? If you have asked yourself that, the answer is probably yes. You want to focus on what you do best: providing the amazing product/service that gets you out of bed every morning. Let an expert handle the financial aspects of your business, advising you on growth, margins and cash flow.

A CFO should support and help the business thrive by using the timely, accurate and meaningful information that comes from good financial reporting to make practical decisions about your financial future.  Among other tasks, we will handle: 

  • Financial Performance Analysis
  • Key Operational Metrics
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Monthly Closing
  • Work With Banks & Funding Sources
  • Variance to Budget Analysis

Whether you need a part-time or full-time CFO depends on the size and complexity of the financial function within your company. Some cases are straight forward, and a CFO a couple hours a week is all you may need, but in other case a few days a week is more appropriate.