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Our Services

KP Insights can take over your entire finance department, or fill a specific need to help out your existing team. Every situation is unique so our solutions need to be flexible. Because we support over 50 clients in a wide range of industries, we are experts in all types of financial problem solving.


Services to help your business drive success

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Our approach to bookkeeping is all about process. We work methodically to design good processes to capture, code and organize the financial information for your organization. This process increases efficiency and accuracy, allowing for easy bank reconciliations and timely processing of payables and receivables.

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CFO Services

The expertise and experience that a CFO brings can be invaluable to your organization. A seasoned CFO can help interpret your financial results and identify areas of opportunity. As part of the senior leadership team, the CFO helps lead an effective finance department. Your CFO also is there to talk through complex financial situations that all organizations face.  

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All organizations could use some level of financial analysis. On a monthly basis we deliver a variance analysis to our clients, comparing current results to budget and to prior year results. This helps identify trends in revenues or expenses that are having an impact on the bottom line. Deeper analysis into those trends often results in the key insights necessary to make management decisions.

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Back Office Modernization

Are your accounting and bookkeeping behind the times? If you are printing checks and filing paper invoices in a filing cabinet, then it probably is. We have helped many organizations move to a more digital back office. This includes going to a digital vendor payment platform and creating cloud file storage systems. Less paper, less clutter—more reliability, more security.

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Audit Prep & Support

If your organization has an annual audit, it is likely to bring feelings of anxiety when you think about that process. We are experts at audit preparation and can support your organization by taking on the gathering and organizing of requested information for delivery to your audit firm. We act as a liaison between your company and your CPA to eliminate the stress on your organization during the audit.

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General Ledger Cleanup

Are your books a mess? It is not uncommon for the general ledger and chart of accounts to get a little messy over the years. Unfortunately, when that happens it is difficult to perform reconciliations, close the books and produce accurate accounting reports. We have helped many organizations with cleanup and can often get your accounts in order in a matter of months.

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QuickBooks Consulting

Don’t need a bookkeeper or CFO, but want some pointers on using Quickbooks effectively? We offer consulting and training to help your team use Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online to its full potential.

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Excel Data Reporting

Our team of analysts are experts with MS Excel. If your organization uses large data sets and struggles with how to pull your information out of those data sets, we can help. These large data sets often contain valuable information and if you can mine that efficiently, you can streamline parts of your financial reporting.